10 Little Known Healthy Eating Tips

Water Pouring Over Glass of IcePhoto by StockPhotosforFree.com

1. Don’t get thirsty

Average person has to drink about 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid each day in order to avoid dehydration and this is just an addition to the fluid which somebody gets from the food.

Although non-alcoholic drinks count, lower-fat milk and water are healthier and better choices. Also, try to avoid fizzy and sugary soft drinks which are full of calories and added sugars, as well as bad for your teeth.

Unsweetened fruit juice is also sugary. Therefore, try to limit how much you drink and the recommended dose is about 150ml of fruit juice each day. When you are active, or when the weather is warm, you will need more fluids. For that reason, always keep a bottle of water with you in order to avoid getting dehydrated.

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