Super Hydrating Green Smoothie

7 Best Ways To Mask The Veggie Taste In Smoothies

Vegetable smoothies, or ‘green smoothies’, are a convenient and tasty way to pack your diet high in nutrients. But even though you know that is healthy, the vegetables in smoothies often don’t taste really good.

Selecting the right ingredients for healthy and fresh vegetable smoothies makes them as tasty as they are good for you. So here are some ideas on how to mask that veggie flavor and make them delicious.

1. Add different fruits

A serving or two of fruit masks the vegetables in your smoothie for a sweeter flavor. Dried dates are a great idea for adding a rich sweetness that makes the vegetables almost unnoticeable. Berries, pears, and apples also work well to sweeten your vegetable smoothie, making it more decadent.

2. Grains and nuts

Adding grains and nuts to fresh vegetable smoothies increases the protein, carbohydrate, and dietary fiber content. Your body needs a few hours to digest fiber and in that way is prolonging your sensation of fullness. Protein promotes muscle growth and carbs give you energy. A serving of hulled sunflower seeds, peanuts, rolled oats, cashews or sesame seeds are the perfect addition. Include one serving of grains and one serving of nuts for the full nutrient boost. Grains and nuts also make the smoothie creamier and give its earthy or nutty flavor.

3. Add dairy products

Adding a serving of milk, cheese or yogurt to your veggie smoothie boosts its protein amount and enriches its flavor. If you prefer cold and icy smoothies, add frozen yogurt. To thin the smoothie, add a small amount of milk. To add powerful flavor and thicken its consistency, blend in a sprinkling of crumbled or shredded cheese.

4. Choose quality vegetables

For the tastiest smoothies, quality vegetables are the most important element. All veggies should be and brightly colored and crisp. If possible, buy the vegetables the same day you want to make the smoothies. Wash the veggies thoroughly to remove residue and dirt. Ideal candidates for vegetable smoothies include cucumbers, broccoli, spinach, celery, kale, carrots and bell peppers. Even though avocados and tomatoes are fruits, they work well also. Generally, the more colors you include in your vegetable smoothie, the healthier it is for your body.

5. Mix in fresh herbs

Fresh herbs are also a great idea for adding zing to your vegetable smoothies. Parsley gives a refreshing flavor, rosemary gives it an earthier taste and lemongrass makes your smoothie tangy. The flavor possibilities are endless. You can combine different pieces and herbs, aromatic vegetables to find your best combinations.

6. Add aromatic vegetables and seasonings

Add seasonings and aromatic veggies to dictate the main flavor of a vegetable smoothie. Adding a few cloves of peeled garlic and a bit of onion can create a powerful smoothie. A bit of star anise, ginger root or cinnamon will give the smoothies a sweeter taste. For spice, add a sprinkling of ground black pepper, a dash of cayenne pepper or a few fresh chili peppers.

7. Add flavor neutralizers

Some vegetables can have a bitter taste. The solution is to add the lime or lemon juice. These juices can help in reducing the bitterness and lemon juice is especially good at removing the “green” flavor from the smoothie. In the end, you get a refreshing, clean tasting drink. Put the juice of another half lemon and experiment until you get the ratio to a flavor you like.